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Darren Franklin CFP® Adv. Dip FS (FP) Financial Planner

Authorised Representative 284148

Cornerstones Story

Darren started as a financial adviser in 2005 after a 17 year career across various roles with a major trading bank, employed initially by Lloyd Hurst and later Gary Hayman under the Bridges Financial Services License before moving out on his own in 2008 in partnership with the senior partners at accounting firm Flor Hanly in Mackay (Cornerstone Advisory Group was born at that time but with Bridges promoting its Brand, Cornerstone was relegated to just a name on a piece of paper). Cornerstone or “The cornerstone” is one that is placed at the corner of a building on which the whole foundation and the whole building gets it strength – this analogy can be applied to Financial Planning in that a good plan can provide the foundation and building blocks for a strong future which then allows the individual to go about their lives in a more confident manner and with improved health and well being. Darren started with no clients in 2005 and with the support of the Flor Hanly partners the business grew and in 2013 Darren moved to full ownership while retaining the referral networks of the accounting firm which stands to this day. In 2020 corporate changes within the IOOF group meant that we had to move Licenses and Cornerstone Advisory Group came into being.

Andrea Gedling CFP® BCom Dip FP Paraplanner

Authorised Representative 284148